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In their debut album, A Town Called Home spars with the unknowns that come with leaps of faith and felt consequences of decisions, both good and bad. Musical and marital "duo" Chris "Howdy" and Marilyn Darrell weave close heartfelt harmonies, driving rhythm, and solid picking into their original Americana songs.

Echoing the influences of her early years, Marilyn — raised on the prairie in rural Nebraska as well as the redwoods and mountains of Northern California — brings a laid-back, warm, West Coast vibe. Learning ragtime piano from her Gram at the age of 4, music has been in her blood since just about day one. Marilyn sings and plays rhythm guitar, diatonic accordion, upright bass, and mandolin. She holds a Masters of Fine Arts and has also been working in painting, photography, and video since 2012.

As a sought after Austin upright bass player, Howdy started playing bass at the age of 17, touring hard, recording, and sharing the stage with artists including Wayne Hancock, Leo Rondeau, Brennen Leigh, and Noel McKay. Howdy's songs conjure an old-soul feel that reflect the diverse South Texas culture where he was raised. Now trading off between acoustic and electric guitar as well as a mandolin he built, his Texas music roots run deep. Before A Town Called Home, he co-fronted Austin, Texas' Palomino Shakedown.

A Town Called Home's shows offer pensive lyrics, with plaintive melodies, and then accelerate to hard-driving rhythms that get folks up and dancing. Their tunes bring together old-time country, bluegrass, South Texas, and folk to explore the transient nature of "now". They embody the never-ending quest to make a home while reckoning with change and chaos, and longing for the seeming-stability of the past. Whether as a duo or full band, when they deliver their songs they bring a warmth and realness that is relatable and familiar, instantly making everyone feel — well, at home. 

Together, they have been co-writing songs since almost the first day they met (Howdy insists it was Portland, but Marilyn knows it was San Diego). They are currently up in the Pacific Northwest putting the finishing touches on their debut album and looking forward to hitting the road once again!

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