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Led by multi-instrumentalists Howdy and Marilyn Darrell, A Town Called Home showcases close heartfelt harmonies and original compositions steeped in a wide-range of traditional musical influences that yields a cut of Americana all their own. Merging deep Texas roots with a West coast vibe, their songs run from pensive and introspective to defiant and hard-driving, told with a straightforward yet nuanced approach that harkens back to storytellers and songwriters like Tom T. Hall, Rodney Crowell, and Roseanne Cash. From Austin, they are now making their home up in Portland, Oregon.  

Echoing the influences of her early years, Marilyn – raised on the prairie in rural Nebraska as well as the redwoods and mountains of Northern California – brings a laid-back, warm, West coast vibe. Learning ragtime piano from her Gram at the age of 4, music has been in her blood since just about day one. Marilyn sings and plays rhythm guitar, diatonic accordion, upright bass, and mandolin. Her songs reveal a bit of a slightly subversive old-timey heart with a brush of a rock and roll soul - think Stone Poney’’s meets Hazel Dickens. In addition to music, she has a Masters of Fine Arts and has been working with words, painting, photography, and video since 2012. 

As a sought after Austin upright bass player, Howdy started playing bass at the age of 17, touring hard, recording and sharing the stage with artists including Wayne Hancock, Leo Rondeau, Brennen Leigh, and Noel McKay. Howdy’s songs conjure an old-soul feel that reflects the diverse South Texas culture where he was raised. Now trading off between acoustic and electric guitars and a mandolin he built in his woodworking shop, his Texas music roots run deep. Before creating A Town Called Home with Marilyn, he co-fronted Austin, Texas’ Palomino Shakedown.  

 With the recent addition of Portland-based multi-instrumentalist Nick Skalberg, bringing a cool, soulful, contemporary energy to the mix on bass, guitar, and vocals, together, their take on country music is humble, unpretentious, and timeless. It is rooted firmly in their love for a good melody and thoughtful lyrics creating a song authentic in its story and in its execution. They have been playing and touring nationally for the last several years, including showcases at the Brooklyn Americana Music Festival. During their shows, their songs run the gamut from their own originals to solid selections pulling from their deep knowledge and appreciation for songwriters and pickers that have come before them in country, folk, and bluegrass, as well as regional influences from having grown up in very divergent areas of rural America.   In their performances they bring a warmth and realness that makes everyone feel — well, at home.  



Thanks to a supportive community of country, folk, and Americana DJs, songs from our debut album "Ravel and Twine" (2022) have received airplay on radio programs in the US and Europe as well as playlist and station adds, including:

KMUD, Redwood Community Radio
Garberville, CA

After Midnight on 103.2 FM Dublin City, Ireland
Host: Noel Casey

The Blueprint, The Netherlands
 Host: Thomas Kaldijk

 The Double Entendre Roots Hour, Rockland, Maine
Hosts: Jeff Levesque and Cheryl Mercer

 Real Roots Cafe, The Netherlands
 Host: Jan Janssen

Undercover ~ Roots Paradise ~ Radio Capelle, The Netherlands
Host: Anita Luchies

MKB Independent Radio, Scotland
Host: Mary Kathleen Burke

Strabane Radio ~ The Mary Kathleen Burke Show, Northern Ireland
Host:Mary Kathleen Burke

Stew Time ~ GO! RTV gemeente Oldambt, The Netherlands
Host: Marten van der Laan

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